The story of the past

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanajo 23

I think my room just flooded.

As I watching this episode, the tears would not stop flowing. I cannot believe how wonderful this episode turned out, glued to the screen watching the graduation ceremony. That speech, the emotions, the setting, the cast. All were perfect.

There is still one more episode to go but this show has been amazing. The enjoyment I received, and emotions I felt as I watched the lives of the residents of Sakurasou was simply amazing. Everything was well done and I honestly feel that this show will forever be remembered.


Ever17 -the out of infinity-

After finishing VLR, I couldn’t help myself but feel that there the same scenario writer would have other masterpieces out there and that is what led me to completing Ever17. Although I had owned the game for a number of years, I did not have much motivation to actually play through it until now.

This is one of the stories that just leave you drained after finishing it, not because it is tiresome to read, but because the amount of attention and emotion invoked by the story left me wanting more.

The atmosphere, characters, music, story… Everything was a work of art, and I loved every minute of it. Sure there were parts where it dragged on or sections that did not feel important but once Coco’s route was started there was no turning back.

Now I must continue on with the other Infinity series VNs while I wait for Uchikoshi’s next game in the Zero’s Escape series.

Ga-Rei: Zero

“Will you kill someone you love because of love?”

Ga-Rei: Zero was an anime I found to be highly engaging and thrilling. Each episode made me want more as I watched the development of Yomi and Kagura’s relationship wondering how they ended up fighting, as seen at the start of the series. I was drawn into the struggles they faced and the difficulties of killing the one person you truly care about for love. The characters, artwork and atmosphere were all well done, creating a beautiful masterpiece.

It appears as though this prequel is another piece of work that makes me want to start reading manga and learn Japanese. I am interested in seeing where this story ends up in the manga.

Bungaku Shoujo

It hurts so much, my chest, and my head that I can’t even cry. This has become one of my favourite anime of all time. I think I have discovered a new feeling today, and am grateful…

Maybe I have also discovered that my empathy is far greater than what I can feel for myself.


Tari Tari

I started watching Tari Tari without expecting too much, and what I came out with was a constant feeling of joy. Without any single defining point in the story that truly brought out emotion, I felt as though I was cheering for the cast and was happy to watch the story progress.

The songs used, the setting and atmosphere were all superb and I believe that the characters were all wonderful (except for a few times with Konatsu, but looking back, it was truly just who she was).

Okita Sawa was probably my favourite character in the show, and her ending surprised me a little, but in a good way.

This was a show that did everything well, and although it didn’t have an impact point, created a lasting memory.

Kokoro Connect

Finished off 17 episodes of Kokoro Connect today and I have to admit, it was definitely an inspiring show after a few let downs. The characters were all unique and the plot was well crafted and entertaining. Heartfelt moments from beginning to end, this show is one that I will remember.

However, the ending did surprise me a little, but closure was provided and I am happy that they explained their relationships although Iori is still better than Inaba.

What to do?

When the excuses and lies become the truth, is it right to take the easy way out and simply continue?

I do not know whether my hobbies are the result of me changing at some point or if this is who I am, but would spending time finding out be worth it or not.