by feyted

From the dusk of the arriving night,
when twilight fills the darkening sky,
till the dawn of the coming day,
where eternity continues on,
the soothing rhythm of the wind,
stretching beyond the land,
enraptures me in its tendrils.

As I, at this moment,
make this promise to wield,
the vindictive shadows ever growing,
born of science, born of man,
herald of sorrow,
in my hand it resides,
until unneeded it becomes.

To protect, it shall be used,
upon the wind, encouragement,
whispered to my ear, from you,
grasped firmly is the darkness,
to pave a future for us,
a promise I have made,
to hold our values true.

The wind surrounds us both,
drawing us together.

Shrouded by the darkness,
we can only see each other.

Embracing out mistakes.