Passing Days

by feyted

The days go on, each and every day the same. As I walk down the same path heading towards the school where we sit side by side I wish upon the falling leaves. The one and only wish I hold deep in my heart resonates with the autumn wind. To grasp you forever, to know you and I are together, to be happy is my deepest desire. I want to see your smile as it warms my heart in the darkest of times. To find you waiting when I have lost my way. To care and be cared for by the only person that truly matters in this world. Only I know about your innocent smile, your secret personality and I shall treasure it for all of eternity. But you are royalty whereas I am a lowly servant. So I shall wish for your happiness, for you to live on, to be happy. And when I reach school, and see your smile, I will smile and wave again.