Ever17 -the out of infinity-

by feyted

After finishing VLR, I couldn’t help myself but feel that there the same scenario writer would have other masterpieces out there and that is what led me to completing Ever17. Although I had owned the game for a number of years, I did not have much motivation to actually play through it until now.

This is one of the stories that just leave you drained after finishing it, not because it is tiresome to read, but because the amount of attention and emotion invoked by the story left me wanting more.

The atmosphere, characters, music, story… Everything was a work of art, and I loved every minute of it. Sure there were parts where it dragged on or sections that did not feel important but once Coco’s route was started there was no turning back.

Now I must continue on with the other Infinity series VNs while I wait for Uchikoshi’s next game in the Zero’s Escape series.