The story of the past

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Forever frail

From the depths of his heart does the darkness emerge.
Caused by this this darkness, his head fills with doubt.
The suffocating doubt drowns out his reason.
The reason’s departure paves way for insanity.
Insanity overcomes him, he’s lost his way.
Losing his way has caused him to breakdown.
His breakdown episode attracts attention.
This attention belongs to the one that he loves.
The love of his life extends out her hand.
The outstretched hand comforts his soul.
His comforted soul turns chaos to order.
From chaos to order his heart starts to mend.
His mending heart is filled with joy.
The joy he feels is one long forgotten.
Long forgotten are his feelings for her.
His feelings for her have gone unrequited.
The unrequited love sleeps deep in his heart.
From the depths of his heart does the darkness emerge.


Look upon the empty shell of a boy once full of life. See the smile he wore on his face that would laugh with all the rest. For now it exists in a stable state never changing, happy or sad. See the facade that has been placed to avoid confronting others. We do not see that which we do not wish, and this boy now knows this truth. Beyond the mask is a sad child, one that no one hears. So maybe it is time again to recede into the shadows to avoid trouble for you. Time to disappear once more, to hide from what is true. Hide alone, until a time when someone will lend a hand. But to those around, who see the shell, a happy boy shall he be.

Passing Days

The days go on, each and every day the same. As I walk down the same path heading towards the school where we sit side by side I wish upon the falling leaves. The one and only wish I hold deep in my heart resonates with the autumn wind. To grasp you forever, to know you and I are together, to be happy is my deepest desire. I want to see your smile as it warms my heart in the darkest of times. To find you waiting when I have lost my way. To care and be cared for by the only person that truly matters in this world. Only I know about your innocent smile, your secret personality and I shall treasure it for all of eternity. But you are royalty whereas I am a lowly servant. So I shall wish for your happiness, for you to live on, to be happy. And when I reach school, and see your smile, I will smile and wave again.

Lifeless laughter

Deluding oneself is not as easily accomplished as one would think. After so long, trial after trial and many painful days, the truth cannot be hidden away in darkness. Now poor child, you have come to realise that you have once again returned back to the start of your journey, never having left, never moving forward. You have yet to advance like everyone else and are stuck in this pitiful existence alone. Do not cry though for your loss is not without worth. Hold your head high child, you can continue to witness the triumph that is man’s happiness and only from aside can you appreciate that which you shall never obtain, a future worth living.


Continue to live poor child for your life affects those around you. You are connected to many others, your place is with them. Do not leave, do not hide. We treasure each and every moment you are with us… I cannot bear this existence, bear this responsibility, this pain. I cannot hope to achieve the worthwhile life you and everyone else has. Time moves on and nothing changes, time moves on and I am left alone in the past, scared. Why not leave me, then I can finish my journey without worry…


The pains of this world bear down upon this timid soul, day after day wearing away morale. Life’s unbearable suffering overcomes any leftover willpower, changing, moulding, destroying. No longer able to survive, the lone existence must find some form of comfort, simple and soothing. Materialistic ease is fleeting, stress builds. If only one could deceive them self into believing a self made reality, a delusion, then everything could exist in harmony.